The Northern Ireland Foundation is a lean, non-grant-making organisation that operates to help address the legacy of conflict in Northern Ireland. It maintains a small office with contracted additional administrative support.

The Foundation is chaired by its founder, James Holmes. The Secretariat is Quintin Oliver. The Director is Allan Leonard. Operational support is provided by Stratagem (NI), by a service level agreement.

The Management Board will be made up of knowledgeable representatives from key agencies, local communities, those overseas with experience of similar situations, and by international organisations that support communities moving away from conflict. This Board shall make decisions on priorities, resource allocation, activities and corporate governance matters.

An Advisory Panel will help shape the strategic direction of the Foundation, represented by prominent and knowledgeable individuals in this policy field, e.g. policy makers, practitioners, and academics. This Panel will operate as a forum, generating ideas, testing concepts, promoting dialogue, and offering space for deliberation.

The purpose of the Management Board and Advisory Panel is to assist those working for progressive change, to realise a shared and better future for all. They will provide support, encouragement, ideas, examples of good practice, and reflect and learn from our post-conflict environment.

They will identify potential levers — economic, social, and legislative — that may assist in this endeavour, from equality legislation such as Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 (both 75(1) and 75(2)), to the Investment Strategy (ISNI) prepared by the Strategic Investment Board.

We will incorporate new actors in society, such as individuals and business community participation. Our policies and supported programmes will be practical and realised on the ground.

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