About Us

What we do
The Northern Ireland Foundation is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation that develops programmes around:

  • a shared future in Northern Ireland
  • local community activism
  • the exchange of international best practices

Our vision
Our vision is a Northern Ireland where the promotion of a shared society is seen as normal, in a culture of respect among all individuals and identities.

Our values and beliefs
The Northern Ireland Foundation is guided by the following values and beliefs:

  • We believe in the principle of consent — that it is up to the people of Northern Ireland to determine their constitutional status and relationships.
  • We believe there are valuable lessons to be learnt from the experience of others, particularly in conflict and post-conflict societies across the world.
  • We believe that if people can better understand other cultures and traditions through respectful dialogue, they are more tolerant and accepting of differences.
  • We believe that debating public policy on socio-economic matters affecting all people is better than the contest of ethnic identities.
  • We believe that local communities and neighbourhoods are best placed to take decisions and responsibility for choices on the provision of services.

Our mission
The Northern Ireland Foundation exists to bring coherency to the work for a shared society in Northern Ireland.

Our objectives
We will focus our work on the following objectives:

  1. To facilitate cooperation between organisations working for a shared society
  2. To maximise awareness and impact of our work
  3. To maintain a lean and effective organisation

We are committed to progress Northern Ireland beyond mere co-existence, towards a shared future for all.


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