LEONARD AllanAllan LEONARD is a specialist in Northern Ireland affairs, arriving from America at the time of the 1994 ceasefires. He served as a policy officer at the Northern Ireland Assembly, and was responsible for the development and launch of the Troubled Images project at the Northern Ireland Political Collection, Linen Hall Library.

Allan’s professional background includes marketing, communications, event management, and policy development. He is particularly skilled at online social media and offline networking.

Allan LEONARD is Managing Director of the Northern Ireland Foundation.

OLIVER QuintinQuintin OLIVER is a conflict resolution specialist with three decades experience from the voluntary, statutory and private sectors, working at all levels of government. In 1998, he set up and ran the successful cross-party “YES” Campaign for the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement Referendum, with important support from civic society. His conflict speciality began with anti-apartheid work in the 1970s, solidarity activity in the Middle East in the 1980s, and active involvement in applying appropriate lessons from Northern Ireland towards other regions, in the 1990s.

Quintin has applied his skills in respect to Israel and Palestine, South Africa, Cyprus (2004 Referendum), Uganda (2005 Presidential campaign), Colombia (civil society support, 2008), former Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and most recently Iraq. In Northern Ireland, he enjoys close and productive relations with all political parties as an adviser, lobbyist and researcher.

Quintin OLIVER is Secretariat for the Northern Ireland Foundation.

NAGY KrisztinaKrisztina NAGY has been appointed as an intern for the Forum for Cities in Transition project. She will assist the co-secretariat in the development of its structures, including the FCT Business, FCT Women, and FCT Youth Networks, as well as working with individual FCT member cities in the delivery of project pledges that they have made at annual gatherings.

Krisztina has previously served as a team member at AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led organisation, focused on facilitating a global exchange scheme that provides challenging, mainly cultural, business and IT work internships. She also has work experience in production planning, recruitment, personnel administration and learning & development where she improved her efficiency, accuracy, time management and interpersonal skills.

Currently enrolled for a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Southern Denmark, Krisztina will apply her coursework to improve and enrich the work of the Forum for Cities in Transition.

Krisztina is placed at the Northern Ireland Foundation’s office in Belfast, until December 2015. She can be contacted at: krisztina@citiesintransition.net