OLIVER QuintinQuintin OLIVER is a conflict resolution specialist with three decades experience from the voluntary, statutory and private sectors, working at all levels of government. In 1998, he set up and ran the successful cross-party “YES” Campaign for the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement Referendum, with important support from civic society. His conflict speciality began with anti-apartheid work in the 1970s, solidarity activity in the Middle East in the 1980s, and active involvement in applying appropriate lessons from Northern Ireland towards other regions, in the 1990s.

Quintin has applied his skills in respect to Israel and Palestine, South Africa, Cyprus (2004 Referendum), Uganda (2005 Presidential campaign), Colombia (civil society support, 2008), former Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and most recently Iraq. In Northern Ireland, he enjoys close and productive relations with all political parties as an adviser, lobbyist and researcher.

Quintin OLIVER is Secretariat for the Northern Ireland Foundation.

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