When was the Northern Ireland Foundation established?

Why was the Northern Ireland Foundation established?
During the negotiations that led to the St Andrews Agreement, there was concern expressed by the business, voluntary and community sectors that the policy “A Shared Future” would be dropped. Over the course of a year, representatives of numerous organisations met to discuss how to promote this and other initiatives for a better Northern Ireland. The consensus was to establish a Foundation with a participatory Advisory Board.

Where is the Northern Ireland Foundation registered?
The Northern Ireland Foundation is a company registered in Northern Ireland (Company Reg. No. 068079)

Is the Northern Ireland Foundation a charity?
The Northern Ireland Foundation is recognised in the UK as a charity by HM Revenue & Customs (No. XT11435)

Does the Northern Ireland Foundation provide grant funding?
The Northern Ireland Foundation does not accept unsolicited applications for grant funding. Rather, the Foundation directs its financial resources to its own programmes. Much of this is achieved through strategic partnerships. If you are seeking a donation or financial assistance, we would encourage you to approach one of the many philanthropic organisations established for that purpose.

Where does Northern Ireland Foundation funding come from?
The Northern Ireland Foundation is a private and independent non-profit organisation. Funding is provided by individual philanthropic contributions and from services provided. We are not reliant upon any public funding, nor serve as an intermediary funding body.

Where does the Northern Ireland Foundation operate?
Northern Ireland is the focus of our operations. This includes working with local community groups, universities, councils and other government agencies. As the Northern Ireland Foundation has an international dimension, we have partnerships that brings our work abroad, e.g. the Forum for Cities in Transition and institutional links with Princeton University.

How can I get involved?
The first way of getting involved is to sign up to our mailing lists and/or social media sites below, to be kept informed of Northern Ireland Foundation and other relevant activities. We also welcome volunteer involvement, for us directly or for any of the community organisations we support. Whatever your interest is, we’d love to hear from you.

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