A citizens’ debate to be part of

OLIVER QuintinA citizens’ debate to be part of
by Quintin OLIVER for Northern Ireland Foundation
19 February 2015

John le Carre once observed: “A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world”, which leads one to ponder how best to dismount from that desk and engage in the dirty world of real politics; and it is in local communities where we can find amazing people “doing politics” every day.


Conflict transition media an opportunity to reframe debates

OLIVER QuintinConflict transition media an opportunity to reframe debates
by Quintin OLIVER for Northern Ireland Foundation
29 November 2013

Recently in Belfast there was a day conference on peace journalism, organised by the Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation and Social Justice (Queen’s University of Belfast). Professional and amateur journalists discussed the role of the media in periods of conflict transformation, especially in Northern Ireland.


Taking responsibility for our prosperity

OLIVER QuintinTaking responsibility for our prosperity
by Quintin OLIVER & Allan LEONARD for Northern Ireland Foundation
9 May 2008

It is understandable if we get carried away by the recent announcement from brothers in arms Paisley and McGuinness that Northern Ireland will benefit from investments by the New York public pension fund through an ‘Emerald Equity Fund’, to the tune of $150 million.