Reconciliation lessons: Verne Harris on South Africa

DIGNAN EoinReconciliation lessons: Verne Harris on South Africa
by Eoin DIGNAN for Northern Ireland Foundation
19 March 2014

INCORE’s EU Peace III-funded ‘Accounts of the Conflict’ project is building a digital archive of personal histories narrating the Northern Ireland conflict. In 2006, Jon Elster distinguished a third phase in transitional justice evolution by its emphasis on transnational learning (1). Accordingly, a core aspect of INCORE’s project is a seminar series delivered by international memory work experts.


Sports CRED schemes popular: Young Life and Times survey 2012

20130523 YLT

DIGNAN EoinSports CRED schemes popular: Young Life and Times survey 2012
by Eoin DIGNAN for Northern Ireland Foundation
23 May 2013

The Young Life and Times Survey (YLT), released in full along with two research updates by ARK on Friday, May 24th, is aimed at 16 year-olds and oriented chiefly around attitudes to shared education and community relations, equality and diversity education (CRED). While young people have positive views on cross-community mixing and shared projects, recent flag protests have affected respondents’ assessments of progress.