Sustainable peace for a sustainable future: UN International Day of Peace 2012

20120921 Peace Day Alex-Mark-Jenna-Andrew
20120921 Peace Day Alex-Mark-Jenna-Andrew
Peace Day award recipients Alex Bunting, Mark Pollock, Jenna Clarke and Andrew Johnston.

DFSustainable peace for a sustainable future: UN International Day of Peace 2012
By Dàlia FERRAN for Northern Ireland Foundation
21 September 2012

The fifth annual official observance of Peace Day, organised by Springboard Opportunities, was hosted this year by the Rt. Hon Lord Mayor Alderman Gavin Robinson at Belfast City Hall.


Everyday objects transformed by conflict: Dual exhibitions

20120806 Everyday Objects

DFEveryday objects transformed by conflict: Dual exhibitions
By Dalìa FERRAN for Northern Ireland Foundation
6 August 2012

Bin lids, coins, bus tickets and milk bottles are examples of the everyday objects that were “transformed by the conflict” and bring together diverse narratives.


Getting society unstuck

20120727 JHS Panel
20120727 JHS Panel
Panellists: Bernadette McAliskey, Reverend Lesley Carroll, Malachi O’Doherty (Chair), and Joanne Stuart OBE.

DFGetting society unstuck
“Hopes of the past, hopes for the future” discussion at the 25th John Hewitt International Summer School, Armagh, Northern Ireland
By Dalia FERRAN for Northern Ireland Foundation
27 July 2012

In its 25th anniversary, the John Hewitt Society International Summer School, an international festival of literature and the arts, hosted a panel discussion, “Hopes of the past, hopes for the future”, sponsored by Stratagem and held at the Market Place in Armagh.