Life is stronger than the wall: Transcending urban architectural divides

Life is stronger than the wall: Transcending urban architectural divides
by Brian McATEER for Shared Future News
21 June 2017

This showing of the film, Wings of Desire, was the third part of the series “Walled Cities”, which looked at cities in conflict divided by walls — the West Bank, Belfast, and Berlin (where this film takes place). The event was organised by the CACity (Cinema and Architecture in the City) research group, which exists to bring academics and general audiences together to discuss situations in Belfast and similar cities.


Lessons from my grandfather Gandhi

McATEER BrianLessons from my grandfather Gandhi
Smyth Memorial Lecture by Dr Arun Gandhi
by Brian McATEER for Northern Ireland Foundation
23 June 2016

The formal launch of the John Hume and Thomas P. (“Tip”) O’ Neill Chair in Peace occurred at the Great Hall, Magee campus of Ulster University, Derry-Londonderry, with the inaugural Smyth Memorial lecture delivered by Dr Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.