Prosper NI

The Prosper NI Fund invests in new and emerging business enterprises that are based in Northern Ireland.

Recipients are obliged to dedicate 1% of their turnover to the Northern Ireland Foundation, as well as 2% of staff resources (through secondments, mentoring and volunteering), to a community-based project that will deliver improved social outcomes.

These projects will be based on our values, in order to realise our vision — where the promotion of a shared society is seen as normal.

Our motto is “Our Future Together”, and we work in partnership with many stakeholder organisations, including the Community Relations Council, Integrated Education Fund and Volunteer Now.

Some projects that we are currently seeking to develop are:

  1. Northern Ireland Sporting Consortium (to develop a significant programme of cross-community sporting events)
  2. International Summer Camps (to bring in/send out Northern Ireland young people to meet and learn from others living in contested spaces)
  3. Five Nations Network NI (to enhance input of Northern Ireland teachers and educators on citizenship curriculum and integrated/shared education policy, across these islands)
  4. Intern NI (to increase available placements and better match skills and outcomes)
  5. Interface Community Partnership (to accelerate progress on consensus of removal of interface barriers/”peace walls”)

To learn more of the Prosper NI Fund and consider whether your enterprise would benefit, please contact Mr Quintin Oliver (Stratagem) at (028) 9087 2800.

If you are interested in collaborating with the Northern Ireland Foundation to realise one of the projects above, or another aspect of our work, please contact Managing Director, Mr Allan Leonard on (028) 9089 1799.

The Northern Ireland Foundation is committed to progress Northern Ireland beyond mere co-existence, towards a shared future for all. Now is the opportune time to make it happen.