Cooperating organisations host discussions in Belfast (Liberal International)

Cooperating organisations host discussions in Belfast
LI News Issue 88 (Liberal International)
June 2008

Aside from the main theme panel discussions at LI’s 55th Congress in Belfast, Northern Ireland, numerous workshops were sponsored by LI cooperating organisations.

CALD (the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats) and RELIAL (the Liberal Network of Latin America) organised a very ambitious timetable which saw discussion between the two networks about the state of liberalism in their respective regions of the world.

Chaired by LI Bureau Member Josep Soler, an African Environment Panel took place in which panellists were given the opportunity to discuss the severe environmental ramifications of climate change, which affect Africa in a manner that is often eclipsed by the humanitarian struggle in the region.

Professor Ingemund Hägg, coordinator of LI’s think tanks, hosted a think tank workshop on Migration.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty hosted a CALD-RELIAL-ALN (Africa Liberal Network)-ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe) Freedom Roundtable which discussed the theme of: “Retreat of freedom and weakening governance: How do we safeguard democracy worldwide?”

The INLW (International Network of Liberal Women) also conducted their annual meeting after which a panel took place during which speakers from African and Northern Ireland discussed the role of women in conflict situations.

The Northern Ireland Foundation presented a workshop entitled “The Cost of Conflict: 10 years after Good Friday” which, while discussing the tremendous improvement in the situation in Northern Ireland, stressed the fact that there was still a long ways to go before peace is firmly entrenched in the region.

According to LI Secretary General Emil Kirjas: “Workshops are a very important forum through which delegates from our over 100 member parties can learn about the very important work of LI’s cooperating organisations. Unlike member parties, cooperating organisations have the ability to operate on a supra-national level and serve as important conduits through which member parties can work.”

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